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FiveOh Productions

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[05 Feb 2004|08:49pm]



im working on more toons, sites, etc.

we will be needing microsoft frontpage, works, and power point.
if you know where we can get these, or how much they will be, leave a comment. if you have copies of the needed software, leave a comment.

after meeting with people who have the needed software, we were informed that frontpage alone is $100.

we are still shopping around.

but we also need ways to make money, to start up the company. any suggestions are welcomed.

our current staff is listed below:

Candace M.
if anyone has been left off, leave a comment.

have a nice night,
candace m.
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Five Oh [25 Sep 2003|08:00am]

Hooray for candace for making a cartoon. I tried that once didnt work it ended up me getting eaten by a space dog. well good job i think its going to be awesome.
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webtoon character design problem [24 Sep 2003|08:03pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

ok. so.

when problems arise with your current projects, please use the following format:
project title:
whos working on it currently:
basic information on the project(what on earth it is, what type of project, i.e. computer animation, shirt design, comic, how your making it, what your plans are):
problem 1:
problem 2:

with that said, i have a problem.

im making a toon about some people i know, and myself. this toon is basic life as we know it, and the dumb things we do and the cool things we say.

project title: i dont know yet, right now its being called "that webtoon about cool kids i know"
whos working on it currently: just me [candace m]
basic information on the project: im using microsoft paint to make characters to resemble a few cool kids i know. im going to use these characters on a background made in the same program, and make a webtoon. im trying to make the characters as visually alike to there human counterparts as possible.
problem 1: i cant figure out what color to do danas hair
problem 2: matts volcom stone belt buckle is being difficult
problem 3: daves hair color seems a little off
problem 4: i need a name for this toon, any ideas?
problem 5: daves trucker hat, im clueless as to how to make it

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[24 Sep 2003|07:47pm]

[ mood | working ]

FiveOh now has its very own community!

ive made a community for the staff, as well as any fans. we can use this to post updates on current projects, and project status, as well as generating ideas, and helping each other out with any design difficulties.

'nough said,
Candace M.

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